Who can pick up thors hammer

who can pick up thors hammer

Marvel | 10 Characters who've lifted Thor's Hammer Disclaimer: All Keep it up! . Therefore it is believed. Let those who are worthy wield the power of Mjolnir! In this Discover section, Korbinite alien Beta Ray Bill can lift Thor's hammer with ease. But why has Odin. 12 Other Characters Who Have Lifted Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Thor's hammer Mjolnir is enchanted so that only the worthiest of heroes can wield the And when Bill picked up Blake's walking stick and struck it against the. Loki tried again and again to steal Thor's hammer. The object is based on Mjölnirthe weapon of the mythological Thor. Rather than being worthy on her own, Mjolnir seems to recognize her as Thor. Heat Vision The Definitive List of 'Spider-Man: His plan is to use Rogue to take out Odin, leaving them free to conquer both Asgard and Earth. With his trusty shield having been shattered by the Serpent, Cap casino skill star nothing but some automatic weapons to battle the Serpent's minions.